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“Those who serve with sincerity have learned their lessons after having overcome difficult obstacles.” – Emmanuel

Ewa and Jan take groups to Casa De Dom Inacio, their motive is to make healing available to all people in need, regardless of money. The cost of their Trips and Crystal Bed sessions it reasonable and affordable, it is based on teachings found in “A Course in Miracles”.

“…..Healing is Holy…No one should be turned away because he cannot pay. No one is sent by accident to anyone…Whoever comes has been sent…Only in terms of cost could one have more. In sharing, everyone must gain a blessing without cost….When I am healed I am not healed alone. And I would share my healing with the world” – ACIM

DSC_3988-5Ewa – after a number of profound experiences in realms of Light and years of patiently working on improving her inner self, she began to perceive the Multidimensionality of existence. Being in touch with the- Feeling World- she was able to return to Self –“the True Self that you lost in this Turmoil.” ~ she was told.  In turn, this led her to study vibrational fields and she discovered that peoples bodies – their  Field – were giving her far more information than their spoken words…After experiencing complete healing in loving presence of           Dr. Augusto and many other Spirits at The Casa, Ewa received blessing from Entity to acquire Crystal Light Bed.

Holding this close to her heart, she joyfully works for the healing to continue through ~ out the world…

“When the worker is ready – the opportunity arises” ….    F14

With Love and Prayer Ewa and Jan offer Healing Sessions of Crystal Bed for all. They both become part of The Current along with others who are present during sessions ~  everyone gives and receives as we are all equal. As per Entity explanation from January 2016, there is No-human channeled Light during session, the Energy flows directly from the Entities and all work experienced during  ~ is done at The Casa Dom Inacio.

Jan – has beeFullSizeRender (3)n pursuing his inner work for many years. Always supportive of his wife Ewa, he concentrated quietly on his spiritual path, while working and providing for those around him. His deep calling has taken him to Abadiania where he received physical healing from numerous illnesses beginning to weigh on his body. His profound understanding and caring for others has always resonated from him.

Honored with this assignment he is fulfilling his mission.

On Journeys to Casa de Dom Inacio, Ewa and Jan are taking care of you and logistics, so you can Relax, Let go and Receive.

They work together and support one another with focus on Service of the true calling.


Ph. (732)-930-1466