-The Casa Current

What is The Current?

The Current is a flow of the energy from Entities, from The Divine. These Entities, as we call them, come as “agents” of God, as Rays of His Light – His Presence.

At the Casa, The Current is vital for John of God’s work. We all make the Current. It is important to understand that we don’t channel the energy, the Entities channel this energy from God, and we surrender to it and receive it. To understand it deeper, we can think of an electrical current in a household. The current is there, but in order to use it we need to provide a wire for it to flow and a receiver so it can be received. The wire holds specific condition for this current to flow safely and to be received with no harm. When received and processed by devices powered by electricity we can see, hear and enjoy its effects.IMG_4936

At The Casa, sitting in The Current room we become this wire. All we have to do is to sit with our eyes closed and arms and legs uncrossed and “plug in” to this FLOW of ENERGY.

The Entities provide for us, we may say – a “universal adapter”. Their soft, yet highly centered presence enables us to connect with Pure Divine Light flowing around. The profound connection we establish and hold steady with Them – becomes this adapter for us.

Once connected to Entities – it’s easy for us to “find” Current of The Casa and “plug in” to this ever present Divine Flow – wherever we are in the world.

The Current is like a river, we provide the “banks for this river”, the wider the banks- the bigger, the stronger its flow. There is a difference between a creek and the river. Simple and easy to discern.

For – The Current of The Casa really is

A FLOW of the LIVING LIGHT, the River of Life.

It is – Always – Active -and- Alive.

And when we sit in this Divine Flow it repairs us on cellular level. We are the wire for this Current and we are the receivers. We assist one another by providing basis for this flow and we receive its benefits. The effects can be seen, can be heard and enjoyed by us and by those around us. When people gather in prayer it is very powerful, everyone knows that. Here, in the House of St Ignatius there are few hundred people who sit in quiet meditation, creating the strong Current necessary for the work to go on. We say at The Casa that “everything happens in the Current” and it is quite difficult to explain it if one never sat in Current, because Divine feeling can only be felt – it cannot be described with words.

I can only tell you that it is beautiful and it is profound – questions are answered, all is forgiven, SO much is received.

Experiences echo in vibration of Casa, softly felt and spoken by people -The current…

Interdimensional meetings with loved ones who passed on, spontaneous spiritual interventions…we are never the same… and as we the receivers – the earthly devices powered by Divine Love, go into the world –  lasting effects of The Current of Casa can be enjoyed immediately and in the days and years to come.

The Current is beyond words. Believe.

 Available for purchase Current CD

Casa Prayers from the Casa de Dom Inacio-2016 by Grainne McEntee

img_5474Please contact us if you would like to buy this Casa Current Prayer CD  ($25)

“I asked the Entity, who was receptive and  happy to grant me permission to do this work. So this CD was born to help people leaving Abadiania to connect with the Current when 
 they go back home.” – Grainne McEntee

Grainne has been leading the Current prayers for many years at the Casa de Dom Inacio, in Abadiania, Brazil, These Casa Prayers were recorded live in Abadiania, Brazil, and can help you to tune into the experience of the Current energy and power that supports and nurtures all who come to the Casa de Dom Inacio. These powerful Casa Prayers are intended to lead you into a soulful dialogue with God, and connect you to your infinite inner Divine Source.