The Healing

Healing is a Process – not an Event


If you are here it is because more than likely there is something for you to learn about receiving God’s love and healing. So keep in mind you are here to LEARN and be prepared to do your part – whatever that may be for you.  You must always remember though, that this healing journey you are embarking on is your responsibility and no one else’s. gardensWe must take responsibility for our actions. With Permission, and only for the highest good, the Entities begin the healing process on all levels, it is through one’s willingness to trust and surrender….that healing begins ….

“You don’t need to change your life dramatically ~ because it will be changed automatically.”

In Universe everything is energy. Our bodies run on energy bases; high energy levels, low energy levels…we have capacity, we can reach exhaustion of energy…

Our emotions are waves of energy, our thoughts are energy, our feelings are energy. We eat food to get energy. We are comprised of energy. We are Energy.

Bypassing the solid look of our bodies, we come as energy fields that constantly vibrate. We are part of  frequency of the Universe.

When a person passes before the Entity and is scanned by the spirits who will perform the healing; each peimg_5413rson is viewed as a hologram that sees him as energy. This gives the Entity instant access to every aspect of the person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual history, because illness is first a dis-ease of the spirit often caused by dis-harmony…

The Casa is certainly a physical place, but its true essence goes beyond the physical.  Josie RavenWing captures this sentiment in the opening of Part One of The Book of Miracles:

“To pass through the gates of the Casa de Dom Inacio is to pass through a portal into a parallel world.  And although the portal seems to be the simple wrought iron fence that is the physical entrance to the Casa, the true gateway to this parallel world is the dedication of one of the most powerful trance medium healers of our time, Joao Teixeira da Faria, known most often as Joao de Deus: John of God. In this world is a spiritual hospital in which the medical personnel are spirits, the chief administrator is God, and daily miracles of healing are the norm.   This is the deeper reality.”

John of God says: ” Surrender the insoluble cases under the human point of F16view, to spiritual aid, because the supernatural, with God’s help, goes further, especially if the disease is from spiritual source.”