The Mission

The Casa mission is to help humanity through  Love and Power of God…

The Casa de Dom Inacio is named after Inacio de Loyola (St. Ignatius). The Casa is an ecumenical spiritual hospital where people from all over Brazil and the world, come seeking healing for innumerable physical ailments.  1214-plants-beautiful-flowers-pictures-wallpapers - CopyMillions of people have come to the casa seeking help.  All services are done at no charge.  Thanks to the work of the benevolent Spirits of the casa, many people now enjoy normal lives.

img_5440Visitors continue to come from all corners of the world.  In a typical day The Casa will treat over one thousand people.

Entities, not incorporated, simultaneously provide healings within the assembled group. In this way, the Entities’ healing extends to thousands of people a day.

“It is not me, but God who heals”