Crystal Bed-Intro


   “...Minds are like parachutes – they work best when open…”

With deep understanding and utmost respect of this divine healing, we offer Extension of Divine Healing Energies thru Crystal Bed Sessions and meditation ~ connection to The healing Current ~ in our locations in New Jersey and New York.

We open each evening sessions with prayer and tune into ~ connect to ~ the Current …

We invite you to experience Current Room Energy of The Divine in our waiting/meditating area – come and sit with us before and/or after your session; or just come and sit; be and give your presence and receive…Everyone is invited and it is free.

Come and Experience for yourself the wonderful Healing Energies of Crystal Light Bed


A Crystal Light Bed  – vibrational healing device, sometimes also called an advanced chromotherapy machine,  uses colored light beams focused at your chakras or energy centers through seven very pure quartz crystals.

 There is a lot more going on than just simple relaxation while you receiving your crystal bath.  At the beginning of  your session change of surrounding  frequency is achieved and bridge between realms is created. While You are enveloped in love energy, your body is being filled with living particles of Light which works with you on cellular level. This combination of healing energies is further GREATLY ENHANCED by the Healing Spirits of Light.

There is No “human – channeled” Light during session, the Energy flows directly from the Divine Field and all work experienced during ~ is done in that very field on Quantum level .

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During ongoing sessions Ewa and Jan become part of the Current along with others who are present. As we are all equal, all who are present give and receive by assisting one another. 

Everyone is invited to come in and sit and meditate in The Current with us – it is free and no booking is needed; to book a session please see below.

Sessions by appointment, to book please contact us.

We are happy to offer now  3 ! Crystal Healing Beds at your service in each location – come alone or with someone dear to you…

We invite you to come and experience these amazing Healing Energies of Crystal Light Bed  

 If you would like to host Crystal Light Bed in your area please let us know. We would gladly travel to your area in service to others.F3