How To Prepare for your session

It is suggested that you arrive 10-15 min before your session to quiet your mind and tune into the receiving.

You are also welcome to stay in waiting-current room after your session as long as you’d like. For thIMG_4936e best results, it is recommended you wear white or light colored clothes. Simply maintain an attitude of openness, receptivity, and create a clear mind. 
Take time before your session
 for at least a quiet reflection or prayer or meditation. It is also helpful, but not essential, that you form a specific intention or prayer of what you want help with.

Think of all  things for yourself you need assistance with; this is your mental body.  

Think of all emotions and interactions with others you need assistance  with; this is our emotional body.

Then think of the healing intentions for your physical DNA body

After session drink plenty of water and if possible, try to rest and stay quiet for as long as you need.