The Process of Healing – The Question of Payment

“…Healing is Holy. Nothing in the world is holier than helping one who asks for help…

…One rule should always be observed: No one should be turned away because he cannot pay. No one is sent by accident to anyone…Whoever comes has been sent… Perhaps he was sent to teach his brother how much he needs forgiveness, and how valueless is money in comparison. Both will be blessed thereby. Only in terms of cost could one have more. In sharing, everyone must gain a blessing without cost.”

~ from “Supplements to A Course in Miracles”

Your monetary investment in your healing is not the only aspect that is required of you. In addition to that, it is your time and dedication that you invest in  – your very own  – healing process – and the most important one is  ~ Your Decision to Be Healed.

Your Monetary investment in your healing – Suggested Price:     

1 – session (20 min) –  $20thRNBUFIW1

2 – sessions (40 min) – $40

3 – sessions – (taken together as 1hr) – $50

Sessions are offered for Free for children who are ill.


  • Each Session lasts for 20 minutes.
  • Sessions can be combined to 2 or 3 consecutive sessions at once (40 or 60 minutes).
  • The maximum allowance per day is 1hr (3 sessions).