Healing Spirits of Light

 Healing Spirits of Light

“I do not heal anyone. The One who heals is God, who in His Infinite Goodness allows the Entities to use me as a tool. I am truly only an instrument in His Divine Hands” 


There are many thousands of Healing Spirits of Light that work all the time. Many of them were healers, doctors, leaders, scientists, clergy men and woman during their life on Earth and they choose to continue their work – in the name of God, with Love and vast wisdom.

Some of Them say their name and there are others that are identified simply as Love, Peace and Light. When their names are asked they answer “The work done is what matters to the spiritual world, and not identification.”

Their mission is to help humanity.

For most people this experience is much the same.

All You need to do is…….Be Still.


Mother Mary

St Ignatius of Loyola

St Ignatius of Loyola


Dr. Augusto Almeida

Dr. Augusto de Almeida


Dr Oswaldo Cruz

Dr. Oswaldo Cruz


St Francis XavierSt Francis Xavier Dr Jose ValdevinoDr Jose Valdevino Dr Jose PentiadoDr Jose Pentiado St Rita of Cascia King SolomonKing Solomon 
Sister_SheilaSister Sheila Padre_PioPadre Pio El Morya Kuthumi images[3]St Germain

Mother Theresa & John Paul II