John of God


F9 João Teixeira de Faria

  João Teixeira de Faria was born on June 24, 1941  in central Brazil. Medium João  is a scientific phenomena and is considered to be the mosIMG_0901t powerful full trance medium on the planet. He was raised Catholic and only went to school for 2 years and was trained as a tailor by his father to help support the family at a young age.

At the age of 16, St Rita of Cascia appeared to Medium João on a cloud. She instructed him to go to a spiritist center in a town nearby. Upon arrival, he incorporated King Solomon and healed many, not having any memory of the experience. He is an ‘unconscious medium’ because he has no memory of what he does as the Entity.

For 54 years, he has dedicated his life to his mission of serving God and helping humanity.  Pope John Paul II has awarded Joao with gold medal and other certificates (see photo below) for his untiring work and profound understanding of his mission in fulfilling God’s plan.

This simple Brazilian man, is living proof of a unique form of mediumship in which benevolent spirits, aka disembodied entities or angels, use his body to perform seemingly miraculous healing, including both physical and psychic surgery.

When João is acting as a host (to one spirit at a time) he is called ‘the Entity’, and referred to, more formallPAPAy as João de Deus (John of God). His intent is to be a vehicle for God’s work. Brazilians believe that God becomes more accessible through the likes of João and other mediums. They believe that God’s energy is too powerful for humans to handle and that, therefore, we need intermediaries, like Jesus Christ, as well as angels, highly evolved spirits, and mediums to step down God’s energy. Divine energy can thus be adapted to fit our own capacities to receive it, much like an electrical transformer steps down a powerful current before it goes into individual homes designed to use weaker voltages.

More than thirty entities, now residing on the spiritual plane, each with his/her own identifiable characteristic personality traits and technical skills, derived from former lives as healers, doctors, leaders, scientists, incorporate within João. João-in-Entity diagnoses, offers treatment protocols, confers sedation and operates, prescribes specific alternative therapies, and sometimes offers prognoses.

Medium João was given the name “John of God” by his mentor Medium Francisco Candido Xavier (aka Chico Xavier), the most famous and most loved psychographic medium in all of Brazil. To read more please visit

João de Deus has been studied by teams of legitimate scientists from Russia, Germany, the USA, Japan and France. The most extensive study on João’s work lasted two years, was published in Portuguese through a Brazilian university, and made available to the public in 1997. João encourages research into his healing abilities in the hope that medical science can make use of his success in the treatment of humankind.