Spiritual Trips

Spiritual Healing Journeys to Brazil 


Jan & Ewa Zubel

                                                   “When I am healed I am not healed alone. And I would share my healing with the world, And I would bless my brothers, for I would be healed with them, as they are healed with me.”~ A Course In Miracles

Ewa and Jan travel to the Casa De Dom Inacio 3 times a year – their motive is to make healing available to all people in need, regardless of money. The cost of  their Trips is reasonable and affordable, it is based on teachings of “A Course in Miracles”.  They serve all who have been sent their way by God.
“…..Healing is Holy…No one should be turned away because he cannot pay. No one is sent by accident to anyone…Whoever comes has been sent…Only in terms of cost could one have more. In sharing, everyone must gain a blessing without cost….When I am healed I am not healed alone. And I would share my healing with the world” – ACIM
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This is a life changing spiritual pilgrimage that offers you profound transformation on the physical, spiritual and emotional levels.DSC_3988-5 
This Sacred Tour is an opportunity to reconnect with your True Self, in~there you can find the path to the Divine and your own soul.
 If this is your first trip to the Casa, it can be very overwhelming. Hundreds of people arrive each day and much of the day is in Portuguese. Jan & Ewa will take you through the whole process and make sure that all your issues are taken care of. You won’t need to worry about logistics of the trip. You can tune in your attention into your own healing process and let your journey begin from the moment you get on the plane.
Your guides will prepare you well for this trip; with provided materials and explanation. They are available to answer any questions, to help with any practical assistance that may be necessary and to be fully versed in the Casa, it’s rules, methods and activities. Jan & Ewa take their responsibility very seriously and offer  their availability, love, support, experience and concern for the people in the group.  During the 12 days visit, group stays the entire time in Abadiania, as is recommended by The Entities. Everyone needs to stay withing this High Vibrational Vortex to maximize healing process and experience, and any distractions are to be avoided. If you would like to visit other places in Brazil it is highly recommended you do that before the Tour starts. Our group stays in one of the newest hotels in “Pousada Norberto”, where you will have your own private room with bathroom, fresh towels and free wireless internet. Rooms are cleaned daily. You will enjoy excellent food, including vegetarian selections during each meal along with Brazilian coffee and desserts. Most importantly Jan and Ewa stay with you at the same hotel-pousada for the entire time – they are always available to help you. They will do their best to answer any questions or concerns, they will help you understand the Casa process and support you in your journey. They will be also available and supportive after the trip via phone, or email to help you thru your ongoing process. Jan and Ewa also speak polish language. 
  One of the  important reasons for travelling in a group is that your heart will extend immediately outwards to the other people in the group and truly open. More than anything, this forgetfulness of self and genuine love and caring for the others around you creates the most perfect opportunity for each person’s individual healing. It is so heartfelt and tender, the ground is laid for true healing. Groups are small, up to ten people, so everyone can receive required attention and assistance.



Sending Photo – Distance Healing

Sometimes individuals are not immediately able to travel to Brazil but are wanting distance healing until the time when they can travel. Please click here to learn more about Distance Healing.

As we respect privacy and healing process of each person, we Do Not Have any photos posted on our site – but please know that our groups have beautiful pictures of happy moments shared together, as we walked and healed  on each Journey in Abadiania.


We Invite You to The Casa

2018- 2019   Journey Dates and Details

Please feel free to call or email with any questions you may have.

Ewa & Jan Zubel  Ph. (732)-930-1466


You can read and print ‘Casa de Dom Inácio Guide for English Speaking Visitors’.


 Your Letter to God  – The Father ~ Mother – The Source of All


You may also send a letter directed to God.  

We can take it for you to The Casa.

Your letter may be short and sweet or it may be many pages long…to read more please click here.