Your Letter to God

Your Letter to Godimg_5401

You may also send a letter directed to God. Your letter may be short and sweet
or it may be many pages long.

There is no wrong way of writing this letter. Just open your heart and let the words flow.thC7RYY3S9
Please place your version of this letter in a sealed envelope, separate from any photos or payment that you might be sending, and mark “PRAYER BASKET’ on the front of the envelope.

We will take your sealed envelope and place it in prayer basket. The envelopes are collected th[8]daily for the Spirit Guides who work through them.
Recently a lady put a letter to God in the prayer basket listing many things that she was requesting.

 Three days later she took a copy of this list to the translator saying that she wanted him to read it to make sure that he knew what she was asking. When the translator started reading it to The Entity, he said, “We just got th[10]this list 3 days ago and we are still working on it.”

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