Lorraine’s Story

Brazil%20RosaI had a distance healing in 2012. For about ten months prior to that I was unable to eat without pain and couldn’t sleep more than an hour or two at night, and my doctors could not find a cause through any of my endoscopy or scan results. I was referred to a counselor to “learn to live with it”; my counselor saw a news report about the healing of Wayne Dyer, the author, from leukemia, and she said “here’s the website- what have you got to lose?” So I contacted a guide who presented my picture to Medium Joao and told me he’d said “surgery tomorrow”. The protocol at that time was a little different; a time and duration was set for the procedure, but the 24 hr bedrest, etc., was the same. I was ready at the appointed time and experienced a shift in consciousness, a deep relaxation, and though my eyes were shut I could see intense white lights like an arc welder in my chest. At the end of an hour it faded away, and I dragged myself to bed feeling a cosmic exhaustion. A couple days later I had the worst stomach attack yet, but it was the last one. I ever so slowly began to eat more and sleep longer and within 2-4 weeks I was able to work again and felt the whole thing was behind me. Not surprisingly I wanted to go to Brazil and find out what was going on there….

I visited in February of 2015. I was prescribed a crystal bed session the first time I passed in front of Medium Joao. I had the session, and as I was walking toward the meditation veranda afterwards my attention was arrested by a “memory” – for lack of a better word – a scenario which was set just where I was, near the veranda, but in a state of being that was oddly familiar although I’d never entered it before in my conscious life – I felt suddenly totally exposed and quickly checked to see if I was safe – I saw that I was – and all the trees and people in sight had a rim of light around them. I felt on a completely equal footing with everything there. But though I picked up all this detail, the “memory” passed after only a few seconds. I used this memory as a beacon; it’s where I have asked to return to during that visit and this one from which I just got back this September of 2016.
My experience this time was pretty different. I was encouraged by my guide Ewa to ask for all the things, changes, and relationships I wanted, and I stuffed the Triangle almost every day with lists and explanations – I wasn’t comfortable asking for some things without explaining why – and I filled reams (almost) with background on family and other important ties; I asked questions about the metaphysics I’ve read, I presented all my most pressing quandaries and fears about aging, the ecological peril of the planet and “the whole catastrophe” – til I felt completely known by        the Entities, or maybe they knew already, but at least I knew they knew and they knew I knew they knew!

I could feel currents entering and leaving my body as I scribbled there on the veranda. I had a tendency to cry as I approached the Assembly Hall, I don’t know if it was old grief or the relief of issues finally addressed after having inhabited my body for so long. I’d had an intervention and had pretty much asked for my foundation to be remodeled in order to help me enter that state of being again, and I found there was nothing I consciously wanted to hold onto. And when Ewa checked on me during the 24 hr rest period and asked how I was doing, I was desolate and said I felt like “a pile of ashes”, the literal result of my request.. Inner arguments and difficulties rose repeatedly as I rested, cried, and napped. I had a bout of the runs and many bad dreams, which it turned out had occurred for each of us undergoing interventions in the group.

A few mornings later I woke up without any weight in my chest. No fears, no oppression, butterfly-beautiful-wallpaper_1680x1050_87009 - Copyno apprehension or agenda, I felt like a cleaned window. I was giddy. After awhile I felt almost irritated by the happy, grateful feeling I was carrying around as it kept me on the edge of tears and incomprehensible expression – just brimful of something that I wished would culminate and pass through me. This time I was congested with joy and couldn’t get into flow or widen my capacity. Down at the waterfall during meditation I felt a buzzing start in my body that surged up from my chest to my head but I could not let go and it subsided. It almost happened again in current, and after that I felt quite tired.

As for receiving all I requested, I got both more and less and something different than I might have expected. Hip pain that I had asked to heal subsided during current but returned later. I had also asked for my eyesight to be fully restored after two vitreous detachments, but that hasn’t happened. I continue my prescription. I didn’t suddenly see the world directly as I’d hoped, but I feel different. Something is stronger and more grounded. I’m less fragile and desperate and floating. A number of other, material requests were promptly met: a safe and very comfortable journey home (for two days travel, that is remarkable), a more spacious feeling to some communications I’ve had with close ties, and an influx of $$ as soon as I got home that will pay for a return trip next year,,, because the work is ongoing….

Sincerely, Lorraine, WA – USA