“Pray’s” Story

F1My journey to the Casa has been life changing in many ways, and I see daily miracles as a result.   I made the spiritual pilgrimage to Brazil because my daughter was suffering from a life threatening illness.    We had exhausted all medical options, having spent two years seeking treatment from some of the best medical minds in the US.  Her diagnosis, IBS-D, is an ‘elimination diagnosis;’ that means many other things were ruled out, and the medical community named the symptoms of the condition.
Medicine has no idea what causes this illness and there is no cure. Treatment is a combination of diet, medications, and stress reduction to address symptom relief.    Despite diligent compliance with all protocol offered, plus accessing alternative approaches like acupuncture, my daughter was getting worse, not better, and bed-ridden with fatigue.   Food literally made her sick with extreme pain.   It was bone-chilling to watch her life force ebb away.F4

She received immediate relief with her first intervention!    Her condition was 85% cured!!   She was told that she will be 100% cured in four months time if she continues with the treatment given her by Entities and her spiritual mentors.

As wondrous as medicine is, there are many things it does not understand.
Modern medicine is ignorant of subtle body energies.    In this realm, it is like the era of medicine before it comprehended the world of germs and bacteria.     There is much modern medicine does not ‘see,’ and therefore does not address.     There is HOPE!!!   And we have a lot to learn.   I am grateful for the compassionate doctors who tried to help my daughter, pray for the misguided ones who saw her as ‘the’ problem (because they did not know what to do, and wanted to be rid of her), and eternally grateful to the Entities and the Divine, who knew exactly what was needed for healing on all levels.

I am almost 70, in great health and take no medicine.    I found the Casa looking for help for my daughter, but as soon as I learned of it, I knew I would go meet with John of God, with or without her.   The triangle, so powerful in healing, resonates with my earlier IMG_4936teacher Daskalos [Greek for teacher] who taught that symbol captures Christ Consciousness, in a perfect balance of Love, Knowledge, and Power.   When I saw Love, Faith, and Charity on the Casa triangle, I knew I was ‘home.’

I now want to share what I asked for, as I have been guided in a meditation to do so.   At first my request felt a bit presumptuous and grandiose to me.    Yet my heart and soul knew what it wanted, and thanks to Mytrae Meliana, whose book helped me prepare for my trip, I asked to embody and feel Christ Consciousness in my heart.   I realize the Entity can do 25% of the work, Divine Grace contributes another 25%, and I am responsible for 50% if this is to truly manifest.  I am on the path.  In all the talk about the ‘Second Coming’ of Christ, many expect the sweet Jew of Nazareth to drop down from the skies.   My own personal belief is that EACH of us needs to become Christ-like, and experience Christ in our own hearts.   I believe the earth needs this more than ever, and this is why I am sharing my personal experiences.

With great gratitude to the Entities, to the dedication and amazing work of John of God in his service to the Light, and to all the wonderful beings, especially Ewa and Jan Zubel (without whom this journey would not have happened!!) who have supported me.