Quantum Rosary

For the mind that can comprehend 

~ The Rosary ~

An Unending Praise of God

By Ewa Zubel 

                          Hail Mary is not a “Dear Mary”. It is a HAIL MARY!!!!


                         An Unending Praise of God.

                         An Expression of True Prayer.

                         A call to Meditate.

                         A call to Silence.

                        “Be still and know that I AM.” “Pray in silence of your heart”. “Gather and Pray”.

         Rosary is a joyful prayer! Rosary is meant to restore readiness to receive the “living waters”.

It is Not a prayer of whining hearts and sinners asking for mercy. It asks for nothing. It is Glorifying God, Unifying us with Mary the Mother of God, as She contemplates His Face. United with Mary and through Her united with Christ, we thrive in the Oneness with God; we rest in His Peace, the Silence – the Hosanna and Hallelujah -The Music of The Spheres, the Music of the Silence.

For what is there to ask for if everything had been given? In the same moment that we ask – we receive – and the moment is unchanging.

There is no time in reality where we Really live – in Heaven –  there is No Time.

Time is created here in our dimension, where all goes according to the law of nature and the law of physics. But what is the One Law above all law that Jesus, the Son of God, the God Incarnated gave us – and put that above all law? It is the Law of Love.

For He came not to destroy the law but to Fulfill it. And so it is said : “Love Me above All”

When we understand Rosary correctly – we see that it had been created to restore the human kind to God, to give us back That, which we ourselves deprived us of, to give us the Peace, the Love, the Light- The Light that contains All.

So, as we learn to sit in silence, to meditate, to contemplate, to pray Rosaquantum rosaryry from our heart, giving Joyful Glory to God  through glorifying Mary –  we receive the Grace of God.

The Grace that contains all Goodness, all Wisdom.  As Mary Is The Grace of God, when we unite with Her – as She contemplates God’s Creation within Her – we contemplate the biggest Mystery – the Incarnation of God into our world, into our dimension, into human body.  As we give Him our Love, for He said – “Love Me above All”- as we love Him – before we ask for something He says: “Why should you ask, when everything has been given you? For-you abided with the law of this planet; the only law I established is the law of Love. Therefore you shall receive according to My law. For you have understood correctly My words : Love Me above all, love Me with all your heart, your Soul, your whole existence.  And you praised Me before you asked – and so it is given to you immeasurably”.

Rosary is a call to Love – it is a fastest saving tool for humanity. For, as we leave everything behind and concentrate on the only thing that Really matters in this world – the Love that God established – as we give Him this Love and unite ourselves in this Love with Him-Everything is received. We are saved, as we Rest in this ~ Music of the Silence. 

All our needs and wants are released and we become in this stillness One Will with The Will of God. 

For ~ in this ~ we put God First and everything else Follows.

                                             “Your Will be Done” – becomes our will as well – 

– therefore total surrender is achieved.