Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high – there’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby…..Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really Do Come True….:)

Here is How we work

“Only in separation is there competition –  in Unity Everything is Team work”

Before departure your guides are preparing you well for the Trip with main emphasis on each person’s education, because  Educated, Open and Prepared F9we become available to receive Full Spectrum of this Cosmic Healing. In Abadiania they lovingly attend to your daily needs guarding your inner peace and inner space required for healing.

They are always available to answer your questions or talk about what concerns you – before, during and after the Trip.

Ewa and Jan,

 My trip to visit John of God was an amazing experience in many, many ways. I am still sorting through it all, but at every step of the way, I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude for the experience and the multitude of gifts.
The Casa de Dom Inacio is truly a very special place and having knowledgeable guide is crucial for every person who visits this sacred plakwiatce. I was blessed to have Ewa and Jan as my guides.

Dear Ewa and Jan, I wanted to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for the way in which you guided our group through our stay in Abadiania. You both were there for us making sure that we have been receiving all passible benefits of the Casa. You displayed tremendous skill and adaptability to the challenge of moving a group of us, who were all going through healing on every level. You demonstrated some of the best qualities that any of us could hope for: faith, patience, compassion and love.
 Thank you for the teachings and beautiful readings, the meditations and mostly for being you.
 Thank you for your love and being such a good friend. I will undoubtedly do this again. 

In the Love of GodBeata, NJ – USA

Dear Ewa,

I’m back from my incredible trip to Brazil.    I had arrived,  just recovering from a broken foot, previous surgery on my toes and a torn meniscus on my knee. The healing that I received is a blessing from God, for which I am eternally grateful! !   Another blessing is Jan and Ewa.   Here is a heartfelt description of them.

–All they want from you is that you grow closer to God

–They teach you to Love and trust rather than teach you to fear

–They focus on the Light of the Creator rather than the darkness of the world

–They lead by example and walk their talk

–They inspire you, helping you to reawaken a deep love and peace in you. . . . . . . .  . . .

With gratitude,  Julia, NJ

Gratitude to Ewa & Jan,

I cannot imagine a trip to the Casa without Ewa and Jan.   Their care and guidance enabled me to fully devote my time to my own healing.   In addition to totally taking alstromeria-hybrid-lcare of the logistics involved in a trip to the Casa, Ewa and Jan offered invaluable guidance and counsel for every aspect of my healing journey.   They went beyond expectations
in offering reading material, music, and other suggestions, which were exactly what I needed.   No question was ever too much; no need was ever dismissed.   My personal experience & healing was intense, miraculous, and rewarding; Ewa and Jan enabled that in an atmosphere of joy, humor and love.    I am eternally grateful!

Penelope R.  Maine – USA

Dear Ewa,

I’ve been on many spiritual pilgrimages over the years, but going to the Casa f1214-plants-beautiful-flowers-pictures-wallpapers - Copyor the first time was the most profound experience of my life! This trip far exceeded my wildest expectations.

John of God is totally authentic and the spirituality of everyone involved is real. My personal experiences at the Casa were deeply moving and I received a multitude of healings which are continuing to this day. The Casa Staff, Pousada Staff and our guides Ewa & Jan are very knowledgeable, helpful and professional. Within 2 days of returning to the USA, I purchased an airline ticket for my next trip.

Going to the Casa is an experience of a lifetime that should not be missed!

And lastly, don’t be afraid to ask questions of Ewa & Jan!  Start by preparing early and thoroughly study all of the information Ewa sends via email.

Love and blessings. William, FL- USA


To All,

I was originally referred to Ewa and Jan for Crystal Light Bed healing. Immediately after my first session I booked a trip with Ewa and Jan to Brazil. There are some people whose love is so palpable and radiant that you get a “contact high” by just being in their presence. I would put them both in this category.F8 They do not care what they can get from you and certainly are not motivated by money. I will soon be travelling with them to Brazil to see John of God and all the other beautiful people making a pilgrimage to the Casa. Thank you Ewa and Jan for your service to humanity – you both live to serve and share God’s Love in whatever way you can.

God is great, and so are his children!

Blessings Always. Louis, NJ – USA

Lorraine’s Testimonial

Ewa, you were the best catalyst and support I could ask for – I endorse you fully…(to read Lorraine’s healing story please go to “Healing Stories” tab – on our site)

Sincerely, Lorraine, WA – USA

Dear Ewa and John,

The trip to Abadiania will always reside in my heart, mind and spirit, I never imagined the impact that this trip would have on me. I saw and experienced many amazing things. Thank you for your help and guidance through the protocol of the Casa. Many, many blessing for you and John.

The advice I will give the people going for the first time is:

  1. Read as much as you can about the Casa
  2. Follow Ewa’s information, she knows everything you need to know
  3. Open your mind and get ready for the greatest trip in your life!

Love and blessings. Lourdes, NJ -USA

Ewa and Jan,

Your dedication and truthfulness helped us to prioritize what is F16important.  Your honesty allowed us to believe and to reconnect with God, with others, and with ourselves, feeling faithful and empowered through it.

 Thank you for all that you did to make this trip to John of God problem free, interesting and amazing. My husband and I both feel  blessed to have found you and come to Abadiania under your guidance and care.  You took care of all the little details so that we could focus on healing.

Love and Blessings, Morgan and Tomoko, NJ – USA